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From the Georgetoon Blog

by Mark Szorady

A few blog posts ago, I wrote about the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and recommended a book written by on of the survivors.

Well, since then, I finished a book of historical fiction which takes place during the time of the Titanic. And the Titanic figures in as one of the elements of the story.

It’s called The Titanic Plan. All the reviews I’ve read are spot on!  This book is a real page turner! It grabs you from the first few pages and doesn’t let go.  When you sit down to read, the next thing you know, you’re halfway through it’s 65 chapters! This book is such an entertaining read, I wish it was 20 chapter longer! It’s highly entertaining, wonderfully written, and mixes in history so well with the overall story, it’s hard to tell where fact ends and fiction begins.

J.P. Morgan, Presidents William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt, John Astor, William Vanderbilt and other historical figures from America’s past are featured thoughtout the book.  They come to life as does early 20th century America. It’s rather remarkable how much America of 1912 resembles America of 2012 (politically, economically, etc.).

If you have a Kindle, I highly recommend The Titanic Plan. If you don’t have a Kindle, it’s worth getting one to read this book. The terrific thing is, The Titanic Plan is only $3.99. But hurry, the publisher may be moving the price upward as readers discover this book. (I bought it for only .99 a couple of weeks ago.)

And yes, it reads like a movie! And The Titanic Plan will make a fantastic movie! I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if movie rights are being negotiated at this moment.

From LL Book Reviews

***** A Cinematic Immersion Into Another Time

Review by Susan Anderson 

I loved THE TITANIC PLAN. The story, the writing, the characters engaged me from start to finish. With his rich imagination, Bockman fills in the holes left by history, giving his readers plenty of intrigue, gritty action, surprises, loss, love, and mystery. Bockman's words flow, his sense of story, unflagging.

The theme of the book is social upheaval, the attempt by powerful financiers at the turn of the twentieth century to manipulate and control commerce in America, contrasted with the gathering storm of the labor movement.

Take the Prologue. It contains the seeds of the whole novel. Picture it, the fall of 1907. J.P. Morgan, in morning suit, bulbous-nosed and full-throated, is singing his favorite hymn. He's really into it, along with three thousand others, when a messenger hands him a telegram. The news, for anyone else, would be a life changer--the suicide of Morgan's friend and former head of the Knickerbocker Trust, the institution whose insolvency touched off the Wall Street Panic of 1907. But Morgan continues singing. Punctuating the narration are lines taken from "Rock of Ages." It is a human portrait of this sharp-eyed financier, a major player in THE TITANIC PLAN.

And the rest of the novel is as absorbing and full of life as the opening scene.

There are two story lines occurring throughout, held together by the main character, Captain, later, Major Archibald Butt who functions as the plot's linchpin. In real life he was the military aide to Roosevelt and Taft.

One story deals with Archie's attempt to find the killer of his friend and fellow soldier in the Civil War, Mick Shaughnessy. It takes him to Greenwich Village, to Washington, to Rome, and traveling back to New York on the Titanic. This story functions separately but is connected through Archie to the second, the attempt by Astor, Vanderbilt, Morgan, and others to control commerce.

THE TITANIC PLAN pits the worker's movement against Wall Street barons and has a wealth of characters, presidents and anarchists, painted larger than life. Meet J.P. Morgan, his librarian, Bella da Costa Greene, Teddy Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Major Archie Butt, John Jacob Astor IV, George Vanderbilt, Emma Goldman, Clara Lemlich, Big Bill Haywood.

Scenes take place on sea and land--in the White House, in a smoky back room of the Brevoort, in the slums of Five Points and The Bend, in McSorley's Pub in the East Village, and Rome. Major events of the age, like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the sinking of the Titanic, are woven into the story's fabric in a way that made this reader feel like she was there.

Needless to say it, but I will, anyway: I recommend THE TITANIC PLAN to anyone who likes to be immersed in a cinematic sweep of another time, to the reader who, aware of the history of American financial and social movements, believes that the past is prelude.

From Readers Favorite Book Reviews


Review by Alice DiNizo

"The Titanic Plan" takes actual events in United States history from 1907 up to April 1912 and recreates those events, making them come alive in this well-written, well-edited story. Archibald Butt and many others who really existed come alive in this version of what really happened all those long years ago. The author gives great credit to his friend Ron Freeman who originally developed this story which is based upon actual events. Emma Goldman, Bill Haywood, Presidents Roosevelt and Taft and many others are characters in "The Titanic Plan" and they are true to themselves and dialogue is totally in keeping with what the characters would be saying to each other in those days. "The Titanic Plan" is a book that everyone should have on their list of "must-reads", especially if they are fans of United States history and most definitely if they love 'Titanic stories'.

From Readers Reviews

***** Excellent Historical Fiction

Review by Susan Friedman

The Titanic Plan had me intrigued from the beginning and kept my interest up throughout the book. I can honestly say this is one of the best historical novels I've ever read. I can agree with some of the other reviewers that this should be made into a film or at least a television series; it's that good.

The author has a great talent for weaving together fiction and nonfiction and gives us a whole new perspective in the sinking of the Titanic.

If you are a history buff like I am, I can't recommend this book enough. Pick it up and read. You'll be glad that you did.

***** The Titanic Plan

Review by Cindy Young

Great book. I couldn't put it down. Great historical facts mix with fiction to create a wonderful story. I can't believe this is a first novel.

**** Engrossing and Educational

Review by David Weiss

I found the book to be very well written and the story was interesting. I found myself thinking about the book during the day and looking forward to reading it in the evenings. I enjoy reading history and it had a few things in it that were surprises to me. I was dubious about their validity, but I looked it up and they were true! I recommend this book for lovers of historical fiction.

***** Great Read!

Review by Jaspernut

A friend of mine suggested that I read this book, and I'm glad I did.

I'm not going to give away any of the story, but I will share:

1. I was totally entertained

2. I hit the 57% done mark (on my Kindle) and couldn't put it down after that!

3. I learned about some of our banking history

4. I wish I knew where the reality ended and the fiction began

5. I was totally entertained (did I say that already?)

I hope they make this a movie. Great read. I highly recommend it.

***** The Titanic Plan

Review by Jodi

There's been an incredible achievement done with this book. In an era of politics and Occupy Wall Street and things that feel brand new, the authors have really taken an era of some interest and magnificence, and present it like a brand new tale! The story of the robber barons and the Vanderbilts of the United States and their plan to make suburbs viable is something that resonates, today.

There is another book in a similar genre, that people loved, set at the Chicago World's Fair. I actually like this one, much better. Because just when you are thinking -- 'oh, no, it can't be' -- literally almost every event is covered. The Triangle Fires. Presidents Roosevelt! Emma Goldman?? And they all feel quite real. Well, I guess they were! If I tell you where they end up... let's just say, that made a great movie! (What a finale, as they say).

A really great read. Will make a great movie, too!

***** Riveting!

Review by Avila

Riveting history of a critical time in our nation's history. Very well researched and written by Freeman and Bockman. You won't be able to put it down. Strong parallels to our current financial crisis. Must read!

***** a must read

Review by Coni

Once you get started you cannot put this book down anymore. It is thrilling, well written and informative. It gives a different point of view on events both now and 100 years ago. Highly recommended!

***** timely page turner

Review by Edward Panacek

Grabs your interest from the very first page. I thought I'd just read just a bit to get a sense of the writing, but then couldn't stop. A real page turner, which is unusual for me for a book that is not a mystery per se. Incredibly relevant to our time and current events. Wonderful combination of history, entertainment and lessons, delivered via truly great writing. Highly recommended. Should be made into a movie.

***** Engrossing History, Great Story

Review by Lee Pendu

Wow, this book grabbed me from the beginning. As someone who has some knowledge of this time period, what struck me about this novel is how well it quite accurately blended real history with a story that made the history and real people come alive. The people who I had read about in dry non-fiction books suddenly sprang to life as three dimensional characters. And the theme that drives the story carries strong echoes of what's going on in the world today. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED